Protecţia datelor cu caracter personal

Multe societăţi lucrează cu date cu caracter personal, chiar dacă nu sunt întotdeauna conştiente de acest fapt. Simpla încheiere a unor contracte cu furnizorii ori beneficiarii şi organizarea lor într-o bază de date vă aduc sub incidenţa legislaţiei cu privire la protecţia datelor cu caracter personal.

January 2014 – We are involved in the resolution of an important conflict between IP advisors related to Switzerland. more

February 2014 –we advise a European education NGO, focusing on outdoor children and teenager activities, for their global registration strategy. more

March 2014 – We are involved in the protection strategy of a leading global company in the medical and electronics industry, in order to prevent unfair use of its trademarks during public auctions proceedings. more

April 2014 – We represented a Swiss cosmetics producer to develop its IP portfolio in a region including China. more

May 2014 – Our company represents a Swiss hi-tech company which, at the end of the day, wins the Grand Prix of the International Salon of Inventions, in Geneva. more

June 2014 – We started our cooperation with a subsidiary of the fifth world producer of generic pharmaceutical products. Our mandate concerns in and out licensing, including IP aspects. more

July 2014 – A new methodology regarding the public communication of musical works is being negotiated. Our client wants to establish a new set of rules concerning the fees and percentage collected by the approved organizations from the organizers of events, concerts or other artistic works which include public communication of musical works. more

August 2014 – we worked close with a leading global home improvement retailer, for recovering its domain name. Another party used the domain name without our client’s authorization. After just three days, including the registrar processing, the domain belonged again only to our client. more

September 2014 – In a world where technology and innovation are essential to almost any interaction, we offer our clients all our expertise to develop the potential of their ideas. more